Public Domain Team and Services

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Richard Cleary,  Public Domain Officer

Ph: 01-222 8866


Dympna McCann,  Environmental Liaison Officer

Ph: 01-222 8868


Issues which occur in the public domain in the North Central Area are dealt with by the public domain team, Public Domain Officer, Richard Cleary and Environmental Liaison Officer, Dympna McCann. The team is strongly supported by Litter Wardens, Public Domain & Rapid Response Crew and Administration Staff . Together they work towards making the City a more attractive place for residents, businesses and visitors.

What services do we provide locally?

Local Clean Ups

The North Central Area promotes civic pride and will assist residents to take responsibility for their own neighbourhood. We will supply gloves, bags, brushes and paper pickers and will arrange for rubbish collected during a clean up to be removed. We also run the “Blue Bag” scheme every autumn, whereby the council will supply bags to residents for leaf removal and will in turn collect the bags when they are full.

The blue bag scheme is primarily for neighbourhood street litter and street leaf fall in the autumn.  These bags are not for personal use.  Bags are to be distributed through approved groups e.g. residents associations.  If you are such a group and wish to partake of the blue bag scheme, please contact  Environmental Liaison Officer, Dympna McCann.

Subject to budget constraints, we also supply residents with paint to enhance their area.

For further details of these services and initiatives, please contact: 
Richard Cleary, Public Domain Officer 
Dympna McCann, Environmental Liaison Officer 

Remove Graffiti / Illegal Dumping/ Abandoned Vehicles

Dublin City Council’s Waste Management crew are available to us in the North Central Area.  This crew can remove  some graffiti and also power wash roads etc., after public building works or areas that are particularly prone to dog fouling and  bird faeces.
We also have dedicated graffiti removal contractors that will remove graffiti that is of a sensitive or political nature from public places.
You can help us by reporting incidents of illegal dumping, graffiti, abandoned vehicles etc in your neighbourhood to one of the following:
North Central Area Office (01) 222 8870 or
Freephone Litter Hotline at 1800 251 500

Urban Village Enhancement

The North Central Area office has piloted a number of projects with a view to urban village enhancement e.g., the shops at the top of Philipsburgh Avenue.  The council works closely with the owners of businesses and jointly remove unsightly litter and graffiti.

Love the Lanes – Pilot Laneway Enhancement Project

On foot of the success in Dublin City with the “Love the Lanes” project, the North Central Area proposes to pilot laneway enhancement in the area.  Initially, two lanes will be chosen, one from the east side of the area and one from the west.  These lanes will be selected based on significant footfall  and size and will be weeded, cleaned and painted  by Dublin City Council.  Dependent on the success of these enhancements, it is hoped that the project will be spread  to other laneways.

Bring Centres

Recycling converts old things into new goods. Dublin City Council has a plan to achieve 59% recycling of waste. You can help us by recycling your own rubbish.

Bagged Domestic Waste accepted at recycling centres

Did you know that bagged household domestic waste is accepted at Shamrock Terrace Recycling Centre, North Strand Road, Dublin 3? There is a €4 charge for each 80 litre bag of domestic waste disposed.

Green Schools Programme

An Taisce co-ordinates the Green-Schools programme with the support of Local Authorities.  Currently 82% of North Central Area  schools are registered  and  working on various stages of the green-schools programme.  The programme instils a sense of environment awareness in our children and teaches them how  to have a positive effect on their surroundings.  Fostering a sense of ownership of the environment  at a young age is very important, thereby developing their sense of personal and collective responsibility for the care of our city.
Or contact the Green-Schools Officer  T:(01) 222 4306 or  E:

For more information

For more information on Public Domain  services please contact:North Central Area Office,
Northside Civic Centre,
Bunratty Road,
Dublin 17.
T: (01) 222 8870F: (01) 8775851
Opening hours: 9.15am to 5.00pm-Monday to Friday