Finglas Safety Forum

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The Finglas Safety Forum was first established in 2004. It is an action-based, problem-solving forum where Dublin City Council and An Garda Siochana work in partnership with local residents to make Finglas a safer place to live in. The Forum provides an opportunity for residents, in partnership with statutory agencies, to develop plans that can make their areas better and safer places to live in.

Dublin City Council staff and members of An Garda Siochana are available at the meeting to deal with matters of concern to residents. Generally a presentation is made at each meeting on an item suggested by residents as being of interest to them.

Previous presentations included

  • Sale of alcohol to minors
  • Wandering horses, headshops
  • Burglaries and neighbourhood watch

The Finglas Safety Forum links into the North West Area Joint Policing Sub-committee. This committee meets quarterly and is attended by the five North West Area Councillors and An Garda Siochana. The committee covers the area of Finglas and Ballymun and a community representative attends these meetings.

The Community representatives are the link between the Safety Forum and the Joint Policing Sub-Committee. They bring issues from the Safety Forum to the Joint Policing Sub-Committee. They also bring information back to the residents on matters of concern to residents in the area.

When and where do meetings take place?

Finglas Safety Forum has three separate Neighbourhood areas - Finglas South, Finglas East and Finglas West. Bi-monthly meetings are held for each Neighbourhood.

 Finglas Safety Forum Meetings

  • Finglas West:  Monday 27th January 2014 at 7.30pm in Finglas Celtic FC
  • Finglas South: Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 7pm in St Helena’s House 
  • Finglas East:  Monday 24th February 2014 at 7.30pm in St Canice’s Boys School

Finglas Safety Forum Information Leaflet


For more information

For further information on the Finglas Safety Forum, please contact Ciara Gibbons, Finglas Safety Forum Co-ordinator, 121 Broombridge Close, Ballboggan Road, D.11. 

If you are interested in being represented at these meetings, please contact: Dublin City Council, Finglas Civic Centre, Mellowes Road, Finglas, Dublin 11. Tel: (01) 222 5400.