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There are approximately 1,500 Dublin City Council tenancies in the Finglas area. In recent years the City Council constructed approximately 300 Affordable Houses in the Finglas area. The majority of the houses were allocated to local people.

The houses were constructed on large unused open spaces. The local Area Office on Mellowes Road provides a number of services to the general public including information on how to apply for a home, how your Rent is assessed and how we deal with Anti-Social behaviour

The office is a general information point for all City Council services. Click here to find out more about Housing Services

What is Choice Based Lettings?

Dublin City Council has commenced a new Choice Based Lettings Scheme which will come into operation in November 2011 as part of its current Housing Allocation Scheme.

Choice Based Lettings will be introduced on a pilot basis in two areas in the North West: Finglas and Darndale.

At present, when vacancies arise in these areas the allocations process can sometimes be very lengthy. Long term vacant properties are easy to identify and pose a higher risk of being vandalised and, in some cases, can put adjacent houses and families at risk to the same vandals. There is also a loss of revenue to the Council.

Under the new scheme vacancies that come about in these areas will be advertised in the media and people can register their interest in them with the Council. It is hoped that this will lead to a quicker turn around in vacant properties. This pilot scheme will run for six months and may be extended to other areas if it proves to be successful. For more information, please click here.

Apartment Owners’ Forum

Join the Apartment Owner's Forum - Dublin City Council is facilitating the creation of an apartment "Owners' Forum". The aim is to give you an input into the decision making process for this sector.

If you own a private apartment in Dublin City, you can use the following reports to find out how well the management scheme for your building is performing.

Dublin City Council - Successful Apartment Living Reports

You can also find additional information on Management Companies on the website of The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (link to website www.odce.ie ) as follows:

If you wish to get involved in the Owner's Forum, please go to:

Voluntary Housing Agencies

As well as Dublin City Council, there are several agencies in Finglas that provide social housing:

Cluid Housing

Cluid’s core work is the provision of ‘general needs’ housing form people with low incomes. It also provides ‘special needs’ housing for people. This may include, for example elderly people or people with disabilities. Tenants are drawn from the waiting list of the local authority in whose area housing is being provided.

Dublin City Council has reached agreement with the developer of Prospect Hill, Finglas to purchase all of the apartments in Block 2 and 2A. The apartment block is called the Lindsey. The City Council has reached agreement with Cluid to manage the units in Prospect Hill. The apartments are currently being snagged by the City Council and Cluid. When this is completed and the Service Level Agreement with Cluid is finalised, the apartments will be ready for occupation. It is hoped that this process can be completed in approximately three months. There are 57 apartments in the block, comprised of mainly 2-bedroom units.

Contact details: Cluid Housing, National Office, 37 Killarney Street, Dublin 1. Phone: (01) 7072088/ Fax: (01) 7072244/ Website: www.cluid.ie



The mission of the National Association of Building Co-operatives is to:

  • represent, promote and develop the Co-operative Housing Movement in Ireland
  • to support well organised co-operative housing societies
  • to provide good quality housing at a cost and in a tenure suited to the needs of members and to contribute to the building of better communities

NABCo are at present responsible for the management of properties in Craigie Court, Finglas, D.11.

Contact details: National Association of Building Co-operatives (NABCo), 33 Lower Baggot Street, D.2. Phone: (01) 6612877/ Fax: (01) 6614462/ Email: admin@nabco.ie  / Website: www.nabco.ie


Túath Housing

The vision of Túath Housing is that people’s access to secure, healthy homes should not be limited by their means or personal circumstances. Everyone should be able to feel the security of having a home. Túath Housing is currently responsible for the management of properties in Clearstream Court, Finglas, D.11.

Contact details: Túath Housing, 22 Windsor Place, Dublin 2. Phone: (01) 6761602 Fax: (01) 6761603  Email: info@tuathhousing.ie   Website: www.tuathhousing.ie


Focus Ireland

Focus Ireland aims to advance the right of people-out-of-home to live in a place they call home through quality services, research, and advocacy. The objectives of Focus Ireland are to:

  • respond to the needs of people out-of-home and those at risk of becoming homeless, thorough a range of appropriate high quality services
  • Provide emergency transitional and long-term accommodation for people out-of-home
  • Campaign and lobby for the rights of people out-of-home and the prevention of homelessness

Focus Ireland are involved in the management of Aylward Green, Cappagh Road, Finglas ,Dublin 11. The target group are families with support needs who are homeless and have a minimum of one child.

Contact details:  Focus Ireland, 9-12 High Street, Christchurch, Dublin 8. Phone: (01) 8815900/ Fax: (01) 8815950 / Website: www.focusireland.ie



Respond is Ireland’s largest not for profit Housing Association. They seek to create a positive future for people by alleviating poverty and creating vibrant, socially integrated communities. Their aims are to:

  • Establish and maintain vibrant, socially integrated communities rather than simply providing just shelter or accommodation
  • Advance education among residents of our estates
  • Promote other charitable purposes beneficial to the community
  • Prevent and relieve hardship and distress amongst those who are homeless and amongst those in need who are living in adverse housing conditions

Respond are involved in the management of the Senior Citizens complex in Tolka Valley View, Finglas, D.11.

Contact details: Respond, High Park campus, Grace Park Road, Drumcondra, D.9. Tel: (0818) 357 901/ Fax: (01) 8572066/ Email: info@respond.ie  / Website: www.respond.ie  

For more information

For more information on Housing, please contact:

Housing Department,
Finglas Civic Centre,
Mellowes Road,
Dublin 11.
Tel: 222 5400
Fax: 8567016
Email: northwestarea@dublincity.ie
Public Counter: 9.00a.m. to 4.00p.m. (open during lunchtime)