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Extinguishment of Public Right of WayPhoto of traffic in Finglas Village

The Roads & Traffic Department deals with applications in respect of roads/laneways, which are in charge of the Council. 
If you are looking to have a public right of way extinguished you are required to submit the following to the Roads & Traffic Department for consideration:

  • Letter of Application (Petition) signed by residents living adjacent to relevant road/laneway
  • Applicant should submit exact details of location and reasons for making the request

Once the the Area Committee and the City Council approves the proposal, a drawing is put on public display to indicate the area over which it is proposed to extinguish the right of way and the alternative route available. This gives the opportunity to all interested parties to make a submission to the Council in the matter. An oral hearing can be held if considered necessary. 

Roads Maintenance information

Emergency road maintenance, e.g. sudden road collapse.

Call (01) 679 6186 (24 hours a day)