FAS/RAPID Training Initiative

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The FAS/ RAPID training initiative has started, Course 1: - Health Related Fitness FETAC Level 4 began on the 18th of December and Course 2: - Retail Sales and computer service FETAC level 3 & 4 started on the 4th of January. To date the feed back form both the students and the tutors have been positive. Both courses are 10 weeks full time training and will include an additional 7 weeks work placement. The sub group, which is made up of a number of agencies, are working together to address any issues that arise while continuously monitoring and evaluating the course. The sub group is made up of the following agencies.

  • Ballymun Local employment service
  • Ballymun Job Centre
  • Department of Social and family affairs
  • Dublin City Council
  • FAS
  • Ballymun Regional Youth Resource centre
  • Ballymun Probation Officer
  • ILAM

ILAM was awarded the contract by FAS to deliver both the courses and responsible for the delivery of the courses content along with the daily monitoring and evaluation of the course

The health and fitness course content completed on the 1st or the 8th of March, the trainees then went on 7weeks placement and returned for two days to evaluate what they had done to date and to assist them to develop a progress plan, including options on to further education or trying to secure employment

The retail sales course content completed on the 7th of March the trainees then went on 7weeks placement. They will also return for two days to evaluate what was achieved through out the course and they will develop progression plans for their future. The sub group are currently planning a certificate presentation graduation for the trainees that complete the courses. The graduation will take place when the FETAC certificates have been awarded to the successful trainees. It is anticipated that this will take place in September. Hopefully all 40 trainees will complete the courses and will be graduating at this event.