Historic Ballymun

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Ballymun Regeneration Ltd (BRL) is the Dublin City Council company set up in 1997 to plan and implement a regeneration programme which will result in a new town with new and improved facilities for the 30,000 people who will live there.

BRL is working with the community to develop and implement the Masterplan for the physical, economic and social regeneration of Ballymun.

Available to download

A History of Ballymun_1600_1997_Synopsis [1].pdf

For more information

For more information on the Regeneration of Ballymun, please contact:
Ballymun Regeneration Limited (BRL),
Ballymun Civic Centre,
Main Street,
Dublin 9.

Tel:(01) 222 5660
Fax:(01) 842 1443
Email: brl@brl.ie