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Housing Services in Ballymun

You can access the following services provided by Dublin City Council located in the Ballymun Civic Centre, Main Street ,Ballymun, Dublin 9.

For general queries please Tel: 222 5610.

Housing Agencies

As well as Dublin City County there are several agencies in Ballymun that provide social housing  ;


Sonas Housing Association provides supported housing to women and their children who are homeless due to domestic violence as well as other forms of gender-based violence. Applications are accepted from referral agencies only.

  •  Unit 8, Liberty Corner, Foley Street, Dublin 1
  • Tel: +353 1 8349027 | Fax: +353 1 8349028 | Email : info@sonashousing.ie  


Hail Housing:

Hail Housing is a voluntary association with properties in the greater Dublin area. They provide accommodation for families and individuals with a range of housing needs, but primarily for those with mental health difficulties, who may need additional support to live independently in the community.

  • Contact details : Housing Association for Integrated Living Limited,
    Shamrock Chambers, 59-61 Dame Street, Dublin 2,
  • TEL: +353 1 6718444/ FAX: +353 1 6719591/ EMAIL: info@hail.ie



Cluíd’s core work is the provision of ‘general needs’ housing for people with low incomes. It also provides ‘special needs’ housing for people. This may include, for example elderly people or people with disabilities.
Tenants are drawn from the waiting list of the local authority in whose area housing is being provided. Different sized households are accommodated as well as households at different stages from young to elderly. The association aims to create mixed, sustainable communities where each household feels at home and where each has a contribution to make to the community.

  • Contact Details : National Office  37 Killarney Street, Dublin 1.
  • Phone 01-7072088 / Fax  01 7072244 / E-mail www.cluid.ie  



Sophia Housing

Sophia Housing Association is a national social housing organisation, supporting the needs of homeless people around the country. Helping hundreds of people on the margins of society, the organisation provides good quality, affordable housing, quality education, support services and a nurturing environment for families and individuals. They have housing projects around Ireland, providing long-term supported housing to over 300 individuals, families and those who are ‘out of home’.

  • You can contact Sofia in Ballymun at :
  • 2 Longdale Terrace, Ballymun, Dublin 9
  • Ph: +353 (0)1 862 4562 / Fax: +353 (0)1 886 7944
  • Email: sophiaballymun@eircom.net