Rent Assessment

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  • The Rents Section assesses your rent and deals with any questions you may have about your account, methods of payment, arrears and evictions. Every three months we will send you a statement of your account showing the rent charged, payments made by you, any adjustments to your account and the up-to-date balance
  • All tenants pay differential rent, that is the rent of your home will vary according to the total family size and household income, so if your family circumstances change--please let us know , as your rent may change too
  • To contact the Rent Assessment section you can call in person between the hours of 9.30 and 4( with a lunch time closing of 1 to 1.30) OR phone 222-5684/5685/5686/5687.

What can I do if I owe rent?
Something may happen that means you can’t keep your rent payments up-to-date. It is important to remember that we are there to help. So, if you have a problem you can discuss it by calling in person or phoning 222-5691/5692/5694/5695.

How do I make an arrangement to clear my rent arrears?
You can pay off what you owe by paying more than your weekly rent each week. Your local Housing Officer will discuss the problem with you in detail and will help you plan how you can clear the arrears. Once you make an arrangement and keep to it, your arrears will reduce. We will be satisfied you are clearing your arrears even if it takes a while to clear them completely.

Will I be taken to court for rent arrears?
Yes, we may take you to court if you refuse to come to a reasonable arrangement or if you do not keep to the agreed plan. At that stage, you must clear all of the arrears and pay our legal costs or you will be evicted. If you are evicted, we will not re-house you.