Waste Management

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In Dublin there are a number of different options for householders to recycle their waste including household wheelie bins, bring banks and recycling centres.

Kerbside waste collections are available in the Dublin region for mixed household waste (grey/black bin) and for recyclables (green bin). Householders can recycle all plastics, cardboard, paper newspapers and magazines and aluminium cans.

Green Schools Programme

The Green-Schools programme is based on the principle of sustainable development and its aim is to promote environmental awareness within schools to the point where is becomes an intrinsic part of the ethos of the school. It goes beyond this to raise environmental awareness in the wider community, as those involved have a positive influence on parents and local business through activities and publicity. While working on the programme, children learn about environmental issues and how their behaviour can have either a positive or a negative effect on the environment around them. It fosters a sense of ownership of the environment and it develops their sense of personal and collective responsibility for the care of the environment.

There are 44 schools (primary/secondary) in the North West Area. Currently 28 schools have registered with the Green Schools Programme of which 20 have received green flags.

  • To date we have 49 green flags in the area. 19 in Finglas and 30 in Ballymun.
  • 20 schools have been awarded their first green flag
  • 17 schools have been awarded their second green flag
  • 7 schools have been awarded their third green flag
  • 4 schools have been awarded four green flags

1 school has been awarded their fifth green flag and is now aiming for their sixth. For more information on the Green Schools Programme, please click here

Report Graffiti/Illegal Dumping

If you wish to report incidents of illegal dumping or graffiti in your area, you may:

Other Waste Management Services

For Recycling centres, please click here