What are Strategic Policy Committees

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The purpose of Strategic Policy Committees is to formulate, develop, monitor and review policies which relate to the functions of Dublin City Council and to advise the Council accordingly.

Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2014 – 2019

Dublin City Council considered a Draft Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2014 – 2019 at its meetings on the 23rd June and the 7th July, appointed Chairpersons and Councillors to each SPC, agreed the numbers on each and approved a recruitment process for sectoral representation. The councillor members of each SPC, together with the Chair Designate,  then selected sectoral organisations/groups from among the applications received and allotted places to the Pillars as per regulations. 
The City Council at its meeting on the 22nd September approved the Dublin City Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2014 – 2019.  At its meeting on the 3rd November, the City Council approved the increase of the membership of the Transportation SPC by 3 (2 x City Councillors and 1 x Sectoral Organisation) -see Revision 1 below.  At its Meeting on the 11th May 2015, the City Council approved the final sectoral representation on the Planning & International Affairs SPC and on the Traffic SPC - see Revision 2 below.  The City Council at it’s meeting on the 11th January 2016 approved the replacement of the Dublin City Community Forum and the Environmental Pillar with the Public Participation Network (PPN) as Sectoral Organisations following the successful setting up of the PPN in Dublin City and the election of sectoral representatives from that network – see Revision 3 below.

Chairpersons of SPCs :

The following Councillors have been appointed Chairpersons of the 7 SPCs  :  

  • Ruairi McGinley - Finance & Emergency Services SPC (12 Members)
  • Ciaran Cuffe - Transportation SPC (18 Members)
  • Rebecca Moynihan - Arts, Culture, Leisure & Community SPC (14 Members)
  • Daithí Doolan - Housing SPC (14 Members)
  • Naoise O Muiri - Environment SPC (10 Members)
  • Paul McAuliffe - Economic Development & Enterprise SPC (10 Members)
  • Andrew Montague - Planning & International Relations SPC (10 Members)

Corporate Policy Group :

The members of the Corporate Policy Group are:

  • The chairperson of each of the Strategic Policy Committees  (above)
  • The Lord Mayor

 For more information on SPC's please click here