Grand Canal

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Photo of the Grand Canal in Dublin

Did you know that Dublin City Council is involved with a group, which looks at ways to improve the Grand Canal as an amenity?

Following publication of the Dublin City Canals Study undertaken by Scott Wilson in 2008, it was recommended that two sub-groups be established to promote both the Royal and Grand Canals under the umbrella of an Operational Liaison Group (OLG) led by Waterways Ireland.

The Grand Canal subgroup is chaired by Bruce Phillips S.E.O. and has representatives from the South East Area, South Central Area, Waterways Ireland, Inland Waterways Association of Ireland and representatives from the voluntary and business communities.

A lot has happened since the group got together.  Support is provided to a number of community cleanup groups, regular networking events are held where people can come and meet to discuss issues of concern to them, a leaflet is available promoting “Things to do along the Grand Canal” and more recently work has begun on developing a voluntary Canal Warden Scheme.

A website has also been developed (link top of page) which includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ )Section on the canal in Dublin. It also highlights events taking place along the canal, including clean up operations, information on flora and fauna, history of the canal, links to other sites and lots more.

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