Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can apply?

Anyone who wants space to develop their ideas or entrepreneurial projects!  We want to hear from you if you are an artist, designer, crafter, environmentalist, horticulturist, entrepreneur or citizen who is interested in improving the city. 

The only requirement is that you are willing and able to contribute your time and skills to help develop and implement your idea, with the support of Dublin City Council and Temple Bar Company.

What kind of ideas are you looking for?

We are looking for new ideas to activate these laneways and respond to challenges such as anti-social behaviour, homelessness, litter and safety. This could include anything from pop-up festivals, theatre, cinema, events, installations, design, parklets, recreation, play, markets, creative lighting or greening, to name but a few. Proposals can be bespoke to a particular laneway or scalable for application in other laneways citywide.  

We are looking for all kinds of ideas, big or small, as long as it helps us achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance public space
  • Respond to requirements of the laneway
  • Encourage creativity and experimentation
  • Foster a clean and safe environment
  • Increase activity and draw people to the laneways
  • Are compatible with local identity
  • Accommodate the needs of local business and residents
  • Are durable and robust enough for agreed prototyping period

How do I apply?

It is quick and easy to enter, simply click here to submit your proposal and outline how you would prototype it on street. You can attach further documents and pictures in support of your application if you wish.  

You have one month to submit your ideas from Friday 21st March

When is the closing date for submission?

The closing date for submission of ideas is Tuesday 22nd  April

Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes, you can and it is also possible to submit group ideas, or an idea for more than one laneway.

What happens to my idea?

Ideas will be assessed by an advisory panel and we will be open to public feedback on all shortlisted ideas to help our final selection. The outcome of this process may be a multiple number of ideas selected for each laneway depending on the quality of submissions received. 

How will my idea be assessed?

Ideas will be assessed by an advisory panel of nominees from project partners Dublin City Council and Temple Bar Company.  Proposals will be assessed on:

  • How well they address the above objectives
  • Technical feasibility
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Capacity to implement

Initial assessment of ideas will take place over a four-week period up to 19th May and will involve:

  • • Initial short listing of ideas
  • • Presentation/display to the public, local business and residents for feedback
  •  Assessment of short-listed ideas taking feedback into account
  • • Selection of ideas for prototyping

A session may be held during the assessment period to request further information from applicants if required.

When are the selected ideas announced?

Selected ideas will be announced on Monday 19th May.

What happens if my idea is selected?

If your idea is selected you will be invited to develop your idea further, with a view to implementation for an agreed prototyping period commencing in July 2014. 

The implementation of ideas may be phased over time, depending on the number of ideas selected, budgetary and other resource constraints. The requirements for each laneway or the proposal itself may also dictate prototyping duration. 

Dublin City Council will co-ordinate ‘Love the Lanes’ proposals in conjunction with Temple Bar Company who will support and promote the projects.  Project partners will contribute professional and technical expertise and make available funds to cover cost of materials and installation costs as agreed.

What are the timelines for this project?

  1. Call out for ideas   March 21st - April 22nd
  2. Short listing & selection   April 22nd - May 19th
  3. Concept development   May 19th - June 30th
  4. Project Implementation   July - August 2014  

What are the Terms and Conditions?

By submitting your idea you agree for Dublin City Council and Temple Bar Company to use your idea and the content submitted for display or other purposes. 

Ideas may be adapted for implementation in Temple Bar laneways or for other laneways citywide.

The Health and Safety of all users of the laneways including those with disabilities should be considered in submitted proposals. 

Who can I contact to get more information?

Email if you have any queries.