Clarendon Street / Clarendon Row Temporary Scheme

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Recent changes carried out at Clarendon Street and Clarendon Row are temporary pedestrian and streetscape enhancement works, which involved the removal of on-street car parking and the creation of a new pedestrian walkway. On-street parking for disabled drivers was maintained along with loading and other facilities for local businesses.

The changes on Clarendon Street and Clarendon Row give businesses an opportunity to explore the potential for improved street activity.  The new pedestrian walkway is framed and protected from the vehicular carriageway by concrete planters, some of which contain multi-stem Birch trees and others which contain low level bamboo and lavender planting.

Photographer Joseph Carr courtesy of Artist Michelle Browne

 Image of Clarendon Street  Click to view full size image

The Grafton Street Quarter Project Team created an interesting and visual feature to mark and identify the new walking space. The painted pattern when viewed along its length is designed to appear legible on the walking route and is intended to be attractive and to create interest, intrigue and comment.

The work includes quotations in Irish and English referring to the experience of walking. The first quotation from Rebecca Solnit can be found at the junction with Coppinger Row and positions the walker as a central character in the city. Solnit writes ‘the city is made to be walked’ and it is hoped that the experience of the walker in Dublin city will be enhanced and encouraged by the improvement works.

 Photographer Joseph Carr courtesy of Artist Michelle Browne

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The next quote to be found on Clarendon Street is from Dolly Parton and relates walking to our everyday experience; life as a journey with constant change and renewal, and this too relates to the changing face of the Grafton Street Quarter through the ongoing developments.

The following quotes are proverbs one Irish and one Chinese, which further draw out this relationship to life’s journey and the roads and paths we weave. ‘Bionn síulach scéalach’ translates as all walkers have a story to tell, and ‘one step at a time is good walking’, reminding us both of the experience and adventures to be had through walking, and that progress and advancement happen in stages, putting one foot after the other as we move forward in our lives. The journey itself is the destination; the street is the place where we experience our lives in the city. 

Photographer Joseph Carr courtesy of Artist Michelle Browne

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