Grafton Street Improvement Scheme

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This Project has now been completed

Grafton Street is one of Dublin’s best-known destinations, celebrated in song, verse, film and literature, with a long and rich history dating back to the early 17th century. Today the street is one of the city’s two main shopping streets and forms the spine of the south city’s retail core.

The unique form of the street, combined with the architectural quality of many of its buildings, creates a distinctive physical character which enhances the commercial and social functions of the street. Grafton Street’s long-established reputation for high quality shopping, combined with a rich mix of recreational, cultural and civic uses in the surrounding area, has determined the street’s prominence in the economic and social life of the city.

Grafton Street’s existing brick paved surface laid in the mid 1980s has suffered badly in recent years. The replacement of its existing paving material is an imperative for the street and the city.  The redesign for Grafton Street offers the opportunity to re-establish the street as a premier shopping and visitor destination in the city.

Grafton Street’s main refurbishment works are scheduled to commence in mid June 2013.  This will involve the removal of the existing brick paving and replacement with natural stone paving for the full width of Grafton Street and for its length from its junction with South King Street to its junction with Nassau Street and Suffolk Street. The proposals also include the removal of the existing street furniture and replacement with new street furniture.  The existing granite paving stone on Grafton Street is being retained and will be re-used by Dublin City Council on other projects.

Minimising disruption, in addition to pro-active communication with all stakeholders, is vital to the success of the refurbishment works.  As part of its Media and Communications Plan, Dublin City Council has established a Grafton Street Project Liaison Group which includes the Project Manager, Dublin City BID, Dublin City Business Association, business stakeholders, An Garda Síochána, Dublin City Council Roads Construction Division personnel and a Dublin City Councillor.  Please see below link to the presentation given at the first meeting of the group on 6th June 2013;

Grafton Street Part 8 Public Consultation

Plans to replace Grafton Street’s brick paving with a new stone paving have been prepared by Dublin City Council. Part 8 Planning permission has been granted in accordance with Planning and Development Act 2000 – 2010 and Planning and Development Regulations, 2001-2010 - Part 8.

Dublin City Council anticipates that work will begin in June 2013 and will be completed in approximately 14 months. The City Council will phase the works, which also includes plans for new street furniture on Grafton Street, to ensure businesses remain open during the repaving. The proposals include all necessary service, utility and associated site works.


Image of Grafton Street before the resurafcing


Image of Grafton Street after the resurafcing

 Grafton Street Before

   Grafton Street After

 Image of Grafton Strreet Improvement 2  Image of Grafton Strreet Improvement 3
 Image of Grafton Strreet Improvement 4  Image of Grafton Strreet Improvement 5

The following documents are available to download:

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