Wicklow Street and Johnson Court

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This Project has now been completed

As with the design for Grafton Street itself, it was proposed to apply the principles of Universal Design throughout this series of street improvements in order to promote the creation of a street environment that can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size or ability. 

Johnson Court was repaved in Leinster granite, a traditional Dublin material.

Similar in design to Grafton Street, the central carriageway of Wicklow Street is an Iberian granite, silver grey with a bluish hue. The ‘pathways’ on the north side of Wicklow Street are paved in Leinster granite mottled grey brown.  Load-bearing restrictions of the basement to the property to the south of Wicklow Street required that the ‘pathway’ be dressed in a lighter material, a resin-bonded aggregate gravel.  At the intersections with other streets there is a square panel of pink Iberian granite with a darker pink Finnish granite border.

What communications channels did Dublin City Council put in place?

Specialist communications channels are:

Email graftonstreetquarter@dublincity.ie

Telephone (01) 222 7394

Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/graftonstreetquarter

Follow us on Twitter @GraftonStQtr

How was the project funded?

Dublin City Council is funding the project.

What will the street furniture look like?

As the streets that are the subject of this proposal are an extension of the Grafton Street scheme, it is proposed to continue the Grafton Street suite of street furniture, chiefly comprising waste bins and bollards into these side streets.

Does the scheme include the provision of seating?

The provision of seating is an essential part of the Universal Design approach to the street improvement projects in the Grafton Street Quarter in affording rest opportunities especially for people with disabilities and elderly people. It was not possible to place seating on Grafton Street itself because of the intensive footfall but the side streets offer the opportunity to locate seating close to Grafton Street but in quieter and safer positions. These proposals incorporate seating in locations associated with greening and / or tree planting. At Wicklow Street the proposed planting containers will have an area of broadened edge that doubles as a perch seat.

What about public lighting?

It is proposed that the public lighting for each of these streets will generally be wall-mounted lanterns on the face of the buildings.

Will access and goods deliveries to businesses be affected during the works?

Pedestrian access, access for shoppers and emergency access will be maintained at all times during the works and all businesses will remain open. However, there will be some restrictions on vehicular access to businesses within each work area and businesses may be asked to put alternative arrangements in place for deliveries and for bin collections etc. Delivery drivers on the adjacent streets will be asked to assist by ensuring that they make their deliveries as efficiently as possible and that they exit the area as soon as their delivery is completed.

When will the adjacent streets be repaved?

Following completion of the renewal work to Grafton Street itself it was decided to address the streets to the west as the next tranche. Though the streets to the east (Ann Street, Duke Street, etc.) were originally identified as next in greatest need of resurfacing due to the condition of the existing paving, the timing of the LUAS works in Dawson Street was such that the combined impact of the works would have seriously impacted the operation of the businesses on those streets. Consequently the next set of streets to be addressed has been identified as Wicklow Street (from Grafton Street to the junction with Clarendon Street); Johnson Court; followed by Chatham Street; Harry Street; Balfe Street; Chatham Lane and Swan Yard.

Will the Luas Cross City project cause disruptions to the Grafton Street schedule?

A Traffic Management Plan will be agreed and co-ordinated with Luas Cross City in advance of commencement of the works to minimise traffic disruptions.

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