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Grafton Street Quarter Improvement Project – Update February 2017

Grafton Street Quarter Public Realm Plan.pdf


  •  The public realm improvement works to Grafton Street, Johnson’s Court and the section of Wicklow Street from Grafton Street to Clarendon Street, are complete.
  • Part 8 planning approval is in place for public realm improvement works to the Chatham Street, Harry Street, Balfe Street area and the detailed tender documentation is almost complete. It is expected to seek tenders for these works in March / April 2017. Following the appointment of a contractor, works will commence later this year.
  • Detailed designs are being finalised in respect of proposed public realm improvement works for Clarendon Street / Clarendon Row and it is planned to seek Part 8 planning approval for these works in the coming months.

For queries, please contact by email: or telephone (01) 222 5124

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Queries in relation to this project can be made to or telephone 222 7394