The Access Unit

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Dublin City Council is committed to improving its services and facilities for people with disabilities. The Access Unit was set up in 2007 to oversee and facilitate Dublin City Council’s responsibilities under the Disability Act, 2005.

We are committed to the ongoing participation of our service users through consultation to ensure we reach our targets and goals by providing a range of services that are fully accessible to everyone.

The Access Unit provides assistance and guidance to people with disabilities to access the services of the City Council.

If you have any queries or feedback in relation to accessibility in Dublin City, please contact the Access Unit at the address below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to request access improvements to my local area/home, who do I contact?

Directory of FAQ's for Access Improvements

How can I view the Dublin City Disability Act 2005 Implementation Plan for 2013?

How do I  make a complaint under the Disability Act, 2005?
Disability Complaints Procedure

How do I find out the level of access in venues I will face before leaving my home?
Access Guide for Dublin

How do I  view and comment on the access audits for my area?  - Access Dublin

How can I apply for a disabled persons parking permit?
Disabled persons parking permit.

How can I request a document in an alternative format?
Alternative Format Request

Where can I get support and information to apply for social housing?
View Operation-Sign Up for assistance

What services are available in libraries for people with disabilities?
Services available in libraries for people with disabilities

How can disability stakeholder groups promote events/meetings?
Advertise upcoming events or meetings on one of our public information screens

What services does Dublin City Council provide for the Deaf Community, or those who are hard of hearing?
Services for the Deaf Community and people who are hard of hearing

How can I organise an accessible meeting or event?
Ten tips to organise an accessible meeting/event 

Where is the nearest accessible car parking space to me?
View all of the on-street accessible car parking spaces in the Dublin region

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For more information

The Access Unit
Dublin City Council
3 Palace Street, Barnardo Square / off Dame Street
Dublin 2

Phone: (01) 222 2222