Corporate Policy Group & Strategic Policy Committees

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Corporate Policy Group:

The members of the Corporate Policy Group are:

  • The chairperson of each of the Strategic Policy Committees (Séamas McGrattan, Christy Burke, Ray McAdam, Claire O’Connor, Cat O’Driscoll, Alison Gilliland & Michael Pidgeon).
  • The Lord Mayor

The work of the different SPCs is co-ordinated through the CPG with membership comprising the Lord Mayor and chairpersons of each SPC.

Acting as a link between the SPCs and the full council, the CPG will have an active role in the preparation of the draft budget. It must also be consulted in the preparation of the corporate plan. The Chief Executive also participates and supports the work of the CPG. The role of the CPG is strategic and it links and co-ordinates the work of the different SPCs. The Lord Mayor reports to the full Council on work of the CPG; the Chairs of each SPC report back to their Committee similarly, as do the representative of each municipal district to their fellow municipal district members.

Strategic Policy Committees:

The purpose of Strategic Policy Committees is to formulate, develop, monitor and review policies which relate to the functions of Dublin City Council and to advise the Council accordingly

Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2019-2024

At the Monthly City Council meeting held on the 2nd September 2019, Dublin City Council approved the Dublin City Strategic Policy Scheme 2019 – 2024 and agreed to establish strategic policy committees.

Chairpersons of SPCs :

The following Councillors have been appointed Chairpersons of the 7 SPCs  :  

Councillor Ruairi McGinley Séamas McGrattan – Finance SPC (12 Members)
Councillor Ciaran Cuffe

Christy Burke – Traffic & Transport SPC (18 Members)

Cllr_Vincent_Jackson Ray McAdam – Planning & Urban Form SPC (10 Members)
cllr_Daithi_Doolan Claire O’Connor – Economic Development & Enterprise SPC (9 Members)
  Cat O’Driscoll – Arts, Culture, Leisure & Recreation (14 Members)
Cllr_Deirdre_Heney Alison Gilliland – Housing SPC (16 Members)

Michael Pidgeon – Climate Action, Environment & Energy SPC (10 Members)

Corporate Policy Group :

The members of the Corporate Policy Group are:

  • The chairperson of each of the Strategic Policy Committees  (above)
  • The Lord Mayor