Staff Picks Short Stories

FictionIf you’re partial to a good short story collection, here are a few suggestions from our esteemed colleague Brian.
Grab your library card, click on the link to reserve your copy and enjoy!

History Document of the Month: Lepracaun Cartoon Collection

Cover of Lepracaun CartoonBritain faced similar issues ruling Ireland and India: both had to be held to maintain British international credibility and independence movements in both were driven in large part by religion.

New Fiction Books for May

New BooksNew fiction at Dublin City Libraries this May. Looking for a page-turning book to read as you bask in the sun, cool drink in hand?


New Non-Fiction Books for May

non-fictionDo you love learning more about the world and the human condition? How about learning a new skill or making a big life change? A non-fiction book can be just as inspirational and worthwhile a read as any work of fiction and we've gots lots of new titles to choose from this month!

New Children's Books for May

 Kids BooksToday we’re showcasing a selection of children's titles that are new to Dublin City Libraries this month. You’ll find plenty of titles to choose from in the PDF document below.

Artist Works

Artist Works LogoHave you ever wanted to learn how to sing or to play an instrument? Do you want unlimited access to the best in video-based art & music instruction? Would you like all this for free?

Séamus Ennis, Final Years

Larkin statueThis year marks the centenary of the birth of Séamus Ennis, the renowned musician, singer, folklorist and broadcaster who left behind, to quote from one obituary, “a priceless heritage of Irish tradition to the nation”. Inspired by on-going centenary events taking place across Dublin and at the Séamus Ennis Arts Centre, this blog briefly examines Ennis’s final years and death.

Easter Fun at Ballymun Library!!

Spot!For the month of April, Ballymun Library’s junior book clubs are celebrating ‘Spring Into Storytime’. This is a national storytelling initiative organised by the Local Government Management Agency.  It’s designed to encourage families to read together. With over 40 people in attendance, we had a super morning of magic and fun at Ballymun Library last Tuesday, 16th of April.  The Easter Bunny paid a surprise visit and left lots of surprises for our junior patrons. 

Dublin Cattle Market – A workplace that has disappeared

Historians in Residence Work and the availability of it is one of the features of human society that can be very contradictory in nature but has a huge impact, on the individual, on the community and on the shape of the physical environment in which they are situated. Dublin has expanded enormously since the beginning of the 20th century and many of the industries that were providing employment at that time have changed; either disappearing altogether or adapting to technological and other developments in the intervening century.


2019 Award shortlist announced!

Literary Award logoThe shortlist for 2019's International Dublin Literary award has just been announced and it includes two Irish authors! The award is for novels written in English or translated to English. As well as the entries form Ireland this year's shortlist of ten includes books from France, Pakistan, the UK and the USA.

The International DUBLIN Literary Award is proudly sponsored by Dublin City Council and managed by Dublin City Libraries. The award is worth €100,000 to the winner. If the book has been translated the author receives €75,000 and the translator received €25,000.