Flood Prevention Plans

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We are working hard to understand how to prevent flooding in Dublin City and how to protect you if it does occur. To find out how we are addressing flood issues where you live, contact us at the address below for more information. Among the projects we have underway are the following:

Interim Review and recommendations following the Dublin flood event of 24th October 2011

Dublin Flooding Protection Project

This project is designed to reduce the risks to life and property caused by coastal flooding. The project will propose solutions and an enhanced early warning system for the region.

SAFER Project

This project will use emergency response management to provide you with the very best level of flood protection. The SAFER Project is part of a €10m EU funded INTERREG project involving Dublin City, Germany, Scotland and Switzerland.

River Tolka Flooding Study

This project will carry out a detailed analysis on the River Tolka. The principal output will be an analysis of the flood risk based on extreme flood events. This will include options for flood prevention and protection for properties at risk.
River Tolka Final Report  (4.39MB)

Tolka Final Report - Appendix D (5.38MB)


River Dodder Catchment Flood Risk Assessment & Management Study

See Water and Wastewater Projects - River Dodder Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study

Flood ResilienCity Project

The Flood ResilienCity project is co-funded by the European Union INTERREG IVB programme. The purpose of the IVB programme is to make North-West Europe a more competitive, more environment-friendly and a more cohesive region. To achieve this ambition, the INTERREG IVB programme is designed to increase employment opportunities and the quality of the environment, improve mobility by devising intelligent transport solutions and make cities and the countryside attractive and sustainable. This requires that the best possible use be made of existing territorial assets in order to yield optimal results with maximum leverage.


To integrate the increasing demand for more houses and other buildings with the increasing need for more and better flood risk management measures in North West European cities along rivers.

Objectives to achieve that aim:

  1. Awareness: To enhance the awareness and engagement in all aspects of flood risk and the means of managing it at:
    1. Policy level (policy/decision makers)
    2. With Professionals (of the involved authorities and elsewhere)
    3. And at the Public level (people, companies, developers, insurance companies)
  2. Avoidance: To limit flood damage and ease recovery by planning and adapting buildings, infrastructure, surfaces and economic activities and building capacity in individuals and institutions to become more resilient.
  3. Alleviation: To reduce flood risk by implementing physical, technical, non-structural and procedural measures for the management of water systems.
  4. Assistance: To provide support to recovery processes and to engage and build capacity in communities, and others prior to, during and after flood events.
  5. Strategy & Capacity: To develop the capacity to engage in the processes above to adapt to and manage flood risk by integrating the activities associated with objectives 1 – 4.

The project aims to deliver a structural change in the mindset of the policy makers, professionals and public in all partner regions and countries. That change should ensure that all involved recognise the importance of the 4-‘A’s in their policies to achieve Sustainable Flood risk Management. Moreover, they should recognize that location specific application of each of the 4-‘A’s delivers more policy options to facilitate new urban development plans.

Project Partners

Lead Partner

Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management, Programme Directorate Room for the River, Netherlands


Gemeente Nijmegen


  • Vlaamse Milieu Maatschappij, Belgium
  • Les Grands Lacs de Seine, France, Ville d’Orléans, France
  • Communauté d’agglomération Orléans – Val de Loire, France
  • Département du Loiret, France
  • École des Ingénieurs de la Ville de Paris - EIVP, France
  • Stadtwerke Mainz AG, Germany
  • Dublin City Council, Ireland
  • City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, United Kingdom
  • University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


EU Interreg IVB FloodResilienCity Project - Final Report – Dublin


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