Ambient Sound Monitoring

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Dublin City Council’s aim is to make information about sound and environmental noise levels easily accessible to everyone. One of the actions in the Dublin Agglomeration Noise Action Plan 2008-2012  was to establish an ambient sound monitoring network. Over the period of the Action Plan the network has grown to 12 sites. These sites initially uploaded information every twenty four hours. However they now currently update every hour which allows the public near real time access to sound levels in Dublin.

The sound levels presented on this site are ambient sound levels. The aim of the monitoring network is to provide information on all sound levels to which people are being exposed. The sites are selected as far as possible, so that no one sound source is dominant over all other sounds i.e. traffic sound emissions. Therefore the locations of the sound monitors at kerbside, beside heavy flows of traffic is to be avoided. That is not to say that sound from traffic is not measured, but it is within the context of overall or ambient sound levels.

Near real time monitoring at our monitoring locations in Dublin can be found here along with a lot of other useful information on noise and acoustics.