Other Flood Defence Unit Works

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Sandymount Coastal Flood Defence Scheme

Please see page Sandymount Coastal Flood Defence Scheme

Photo of Chapelizod Weir

Chapelizod Works

The removal of fallen and overhanging trees was completed by the weir at Chapelizod. River debris and excess silt have been removed immediately downstream of this weir, and existing channels between the river islands have been restored.




Photo of Camac River Floodwall

Camac River

Following the flooding of 24th October 2011, emergency works were carried out to reinstate the collapsed floodwall at Lady’s Lane. The scheme involved the construction of 90m of new floodwalls and other ancillary works. The contract was substantially completed in August 2012. These works do not afford protection to the National standard of 1:100 year event for fluvial flooding but reinstate the level of protection that existing prior to October 2011. The Eastern Region Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study for both the Camac and Poddle rivers has been advanced, and it is anticipated that an overall cost beneficial scheme may arise from this study to give flood protection to areas of the Camac river that are prone to flooding.


Photo of Camac River Floodwall




Camac Culvert Collapse
On the 12th January 2015, a collapse of the Camac culvert occurred in Bluebell Business Park immediately north of the Old Naas Road. An inspection & assessment of the structural adequacy of the remaining culvert by Consulting Engineers took place and a report was compiled detailing feasible recommendations to repair the culvert. The preferred option was to replace 150m of the existing culvert with a new precast concrete culvert. Detailed design drawings and contract documents are being progressed.


Photo of Fitzwilliam Quay Wall during construction

Fitzwilliam Quay

This contract involved the reconstruction of a section of approximately 40m of quay wall the collapsed into the river at Fitzwilliam Quay. The contract involved the placement of king post piles, contiguous bored pile, ground anchors, reinforced concrete walls and ancillary works. The contract was completed in May 2012.




Photo of Fitzwilliam Quay Wall

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