Drainage Services

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Drainage Division

What services do we provide?

  • Maintain 2,500km of public sewer.

  • Construct approximately 2,000 metres of new sewer each year.

  • Process and approve all connections to the sewerage infrastructure for new developments

  • Repair public sewers. 
    NOTE: Responsibility for clearing blockages or repairing defects in a private shared drain is a matter to be resolved by the residents that are served by it, please click here for further information.

  • Issue licences for trade effluent and sewage effluent discharges to sewers and waters.

  • Provide for the disposal of sludge/tankered waste in the Main Lift Pumping Station subject to the approval of the Pollution Control Section.

  • Investigate and deal with water pollution incidents as they arise. 

  • Survey properties for misconnections of foul sewerage system to surface water system and surface water system to foul water system.

  • Provide pre-planning consultations for engineers, architects, developers etc., and advise on relevant drainage standards for construction and design of drainage works.

  • Process approximately 2,000 planning applications each year to ensure compliance with Irish Water and Drainage Division requirements as outlined in the Greater Dublin Regional Code of Practice for Drainage Works.

Fats, Oils and Grease Programme

On the 1st January 2014 Irish water became the statutory body with responsibility for Fats, Oils and Grease programme.

The objective of the FOG programme is to prevent blockages in the public drainage network by restricting the discharges of FOG
from FSEs. Read more about the programme or download the frequently asked questions about the programme.

In line with best practices internationally in the environmental field, Drainage Division on behalf of Irish Water will control the discharge of FOG to the drainage system by issuing licences under the Water Pollution Act, to an FSE. These licences will require the individual outlet to limit the amount of FOG they can discharge down their drains.


Dublin City Council Sandbag Policy (45KB)

Beartas Chomhairle Cathrach Bhaile Átha Cliath maidir le Málaí Gainimh (52KB)

Surface water Licence Connection Application

Effluent or Wastewater Discharge Licence

Drainage Notice to Householders (apf5) (244 KB)

Application Form for Licence to Discharge to Waters (apf41) (291 KB)

Iarratas ar Cheadúnas/Athbhreithniú Ceadúnais chun Eisilteach Tráchtála no Eisilteach Searaigh a dhiluchtú in Uisci (153KB)

For more information

Drainage Section,
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Dublin 8.

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