Report a Water Pollution Incident

Report a water pollution incident or make a complaint.

In order to respond to a pollution incident, it is important that the Water Pollution Control Section is notified as soon as possible. As water bodies are dynamic in nature, and many pollutants are discharged instantaneously, it is often not possible to identify the source of pollution if there is a lag in information. Please include as much detail as possible when making a report or complaint to ensure that the issue can be resolved in a timely manner.

In the event of an incident/event which threatens the quality of any water, appropriate action shall be taken by the section in accordance with the Water Pollution Act 1977, as amended.

If you wish to report an incident or make a water pollution complaint, please use the online form below

Outside of office hours, please contact Dublin City Council using the emergency/out of hour’s number T: 01 679 6186.

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