2.3.3 Social Interaction and Community

Dublin’s parks and landscapes provide space and facilities where all members of society can interact. This interaction helps to break down barriers between social groups and enhances integration and the concept of community within the city.

Today some 19% of the city’s population are of migrant origin and the majority live in the inner-city area. The diverse population of Dublin was also reflected in the Parks questionnaire, with 12% of respondents being of non-Irish nationalities.

Parks Services has an ongoing relationship with many organisations, from sporting to community. The changing population demographics has an impact on the change in use of sports facilities, an example is the refurbishment of Bushy Park Tennis courts and pavilion, where padel courts are being installed, based on public demand. Padel is a racket sport, similar to a cross between tennis and squash, and is a fast-growing sport, particularly popular in Spain and South America.

Diversity in the resident population will continue to grow with globalisation and Dublin’s role as an international city.

“Dublin City is a city of welcome, that creates trust, appreciation and protection for all its people, all its communities and consciously celebrates diversity.”

– Vision Statement of the Dublin City Integration Framework