3.4.1 Digital Media and Devices

How we obtain information has changed significantly in the last few decades. Traditional sources are competing with social media sites and the internet, with the trend in favour of online mediums. Smartphone usage is also growing, with a high percentage of ownership amongst the younger generation. Information on park services needs to adapt to the new formats and devices to maintain engagement with the public.

Connecting to smartphones to enhance both residents and visitors experience of parks services is a significant area that can be developed. This ability to send information directly to the public creates new opportunities for parks. A multi-lingual guide was launched in 2015 for the popular Oscar Wilde sculpture (see www.dublincity.ie/DublinArtinParks). This pilot project incorporates a video, audio and text description of the sculpture, with the intention to expand it to the other artworks within the park.

3.4 Tech