4.4.3 Cafés, Tea Rooms & Restaurants

The provision of cafés, tea rooms and restaurants encourage visitors to meet and stay longer in city parks as well as providing some income from operator licences. Currently there are tea rooms located in St Patrick’s Park and Harold’s Cross Park where existing buildings have been converted to accommodate this new use. The Red Stables in St Anne’s Park, which were part of the original estate buildings, have been converted to accommodate a restaurant. The provision of these facilities takes into account commercial viability, food quality, as well as the park character, so that they are in keeping with the park setting. Ideally a range of food outlets allowing a price range option for visitors is preferable, however this may only be possibl in larger flagship parks.

Food concessions, such as mobile ice cream vending and coffee stands, are also given by the City Council for various parks within the city.

4.4.3 Red Stables St. Annes Park