4.5.2 Dogs in Parks

Parks provide space for dog owners to exercise their pets; however dogs also raise concerns to other park users, including fear of attack and the effects of dog fouling, which can create a barrier to their enjoyment of parks.

Dog owners who use City Council parks are required under park bye-laws to prevent their dog(s) causing annoyance and worrying, are responsible for its conduct and are liable for it causing damage or injury. While these regulations are in place, the City Council also welcomes responsible dog owners to its parks and has developed initiatives to facilitate this including:

  • The Green Dog Walkers Programme, which is run with the other Dublin Local Authorities and aims to combat dog fouling.
  • Dog parks, which are fenced in areas within larger parks where dogs are free to run.
  • Dog training and obedience sessions.
  • Dog charity events are regularly approved in parks, such as the Irish Blue Cross Bark in the Park event in St Anne’s Park.