4.7.4 The North East Inner City Greening Strategy 2018

This strategy aims to positively improve the quality of life through streetscape and open space enhancement initiatives for this part of Dublin’s inner city that has seen significant challenges and difficulties. Proposals aim to bring both environmental and qualitative benefits to the area and include new tree planting and park redesign and enhancement work, including Liberty Park and the East Wall Recreational Centre.


  • Parks Services will help to provide for the implementation of the The Heart of Dublin City Centre Public Realm Masterplan (2016) with particular emphasis on the role of parks, city greening and biodiversity.
  • Given the current lower provision of public open space per person in the inner-city area, particular emphasis will be put on creating a quality public realm that displays the virtues of parks.
  • Park Services will realise opportunities for greening in the Liberties and North East Inner City areas.