Delegations Visit Request

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Welcome to Dublin City Council International Delegations Request Process

If you are planning a delegation visit to Dublin during which you wish to meet Dublin City Council, please complete our online form.  Dublin City Council will use the information on this form to see if we can assist with your visit. 

Please complete this form two months in advance of your visit.


Please be aware that Dublin City Council will store your details and may use this data for
a) Contacting you regarding upcoming events
b) Contacting you regarding links with your city.
Dublin City Council may share your data with other Public Bodies in Ireland.

By submitting this form you are accepting these conditions.
(If you have any concerns relating to this matter please contact for assistance)


We will collect information on your organisation, travel plans, visit plans, requirements and delegate details.

Need Help?

If you have any difficulties completing this form, please email for assistance.

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