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Currently Sport is developed and promoted in the North Central Area through a variety of targeted initiatives with a range of specialist and locally based staff.  As part of this targeted approach, two Sports Development Officers work with children and young people at risk between the ages of 10 – 21 in two designated parts of the area (Darndale/Kilmore and Kilbarrack).  In addition, there are two ‘Sport in the Community’ Development Officers for Boxing and Soccer. These two posts are funded by ‘Dublin City Council’ and the ‘Young People’s Facilities and Services Fund’ and operate in partnership with the FAI and the Irish Amateur Boxing Association. Each of the five administrative areas has one Sport & Recreation Officer.  The role of the Sport & Recreation Officer is to promote & increase sport and physical activity among all ages but with a special focus on older adults, under 10’s, new immigrant communities, women & girls and people with physical and mental disabilities.

Sports Officers in the North Central Area

Sports and Recreation Officer
Paul joined the North Central team in April 2008 and has been busy making contact with the local sports, youth clubs and schools in the area.  His brief is to work with preschoolers, primary school and mainstream children, senior citizens, ethnic minorities and new communities, promoting sport at both individual and club level.

Paul Donnelly

Phone: 01- 222 8841


Photo of Paul Donnelly
Sports Development Officers
Michelle and Jason’s remit is to increase participation of targeted young people in sports programmes, supporting them and improving their capacity to develop new skills and confidence.  They work in partnership with Non-Governmental Bodies (N.G.B’s), Youth Projects and other key stakeholders to deliver services to young people.  Other areas that their work covers are:  Providing potential lifelong sports/physical activity for young people by supporting existing sports clubs and implementing new ones.  Developing local leadership or coaching skills within communities.   Providing information and assistance for potential funding

Jason Brady

Phone: 222 8545


Photo of Dan Russell

Michelle Waters

Phone: 222 8545
Fax: 8391715


Photo of Michelle Waters
‘Football in the Community’ Development Officer
Jimmy joined the team in 2010 and is one of 11 citywide ‘Football in the Community Development Officers’.  He is responsible for promoting increased awareness and participation in soccer in the local community.  Jimmy works particularly with children at risk and uses soccer as tool to promote a better and healthier lifestyle for such children.  In an effort to reduce late night anti-social behaviour, a major initiative developed by the ‘Football in the Community Officers’ is ‘the Late Night Leagues’.  These leagues essentially give young people somewhere to go and have something to do instead of participating in anti-social behaviour.  The North Central ‘Late Night League’ takes place in Darndale on Friday nights between 8 and 10 p.m.  The leagues then feed into a city wide league.  Jimmy works also with ethnic minorities, new communities and developing clubs.

Jimmy Mowles

Phone: 087-6655267


‘Boxing in the Community’ Development Officer
“Boxing in the Community” was first introduced in the North Central Area in 2010 as a joint initiative of the Irish Amateur Boxing Association & Dublin City Council. Since his appointment 3 years ago, Olympic Champion Michael Carruth, has trained in the region of 15-20,000 young people through the IABA’s “Start Box Programme”, which targets youths from 11-21 years of age.  The programme is an all inclusive one, bringing boxing to the wider community and encouraging participation, promise and good behaviour in our young people. Michael is on the move again and Area management would like to thank him for his valuable contribution to North Central and to wish him well in his new area.  We would also like to welcome his replacement, Noel Burke, who will be continuing Michael’s good work.

Noel Burke

Phone: 222 8845 / 086 3265777