Strategic Policy Committees & Corporate Policy Group

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Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2019-2024

Dublin City Council considered a Draft Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2019 – 2024 at its meetings on the 1st July and 2nd September, appointed Chairpersons and Councillors to each SPC, agreed the numbers on each and formally adopted the scheme.

Seven Strategic Policy Schemes have been agreed by the Council as follows: 

  • Art, Culture, Leisure & Recreations
  • Economic Development and Enterprise
  • Climate Action, Environment& Energy SPC
  • Finance SPC
  • Housing SPC
  • Planning & Urban Form SPC
  • Traffic & Transport SPC

Sectoral Representation

Strategic Policy Committee

No. of PPN representatives

Other Sectoral Representations

Total Sectoral Representation

Arts Culture, Leisure & Recreation SPC


5 Business/ Commercial (including representative from arts, Sports, Culture, Heritage, Irish Language etc


Economic Development & Enterprise SPC


1 X Development/Construction

2 X Business/Commercial


Climate Action, Environment & Energy SPC


2 X Business/Commercial

1 X Development/Construction


Finance SPC


2X Business/Commercial

1 X Trade Union

1 X Development/Construction

1X Academic


Housing SPC



3X Business/Commercial

1 X Development/Construction

1XTrade Union


Planning & Urban Form SPC






Traffic & Transport SPC



2XCommercial Business

1XDevelopment Construction


The Councillor membership and chairs have been agreed as well as the remit of each committee.  The Public Participation Network (PPN) (link for PPN - ) is proceeding to select sectoral members from the Environmental, Social Inclusion and Community/Voluntary Pillars.  Business/Commercial, Construction/Development and the Trade Union Movement and the Academic Community are invited to make nominations to the relevant SPCs by completing the online form  here (link

Please note the closing date for nominations is Thursday 26th September 2019.

Chairpersons of SPCs

The following Councillors have been appointed Chairpersons of the 7 SPCs

Gary Gannon                            Arts, Culture, Leisure & Recreation SPC (21 members)

Claire O’Connor                       Economic Development & Enterprise SPC (15 members)

Michael Pidgeon                      Climate Action, Environment & Energy SPC (15 members)

Séamas McGrattan                   Finance SPC (18 members)

Alison Gilliland                        Housing SPC (24 members)

Ray McAdam                           Planning & Urban Form SPC (15 members)

Christy Burke                           Traffic & Transport SPC (15 members)

Corporate Policy Group :

The members of the Corporate Policy Group are :

The Chairperson of each of the Strategic Policy Committee (above)

The Lord Mayor.