Your City Councillors

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There are 63 democratically-elected public representatives on the council. The role of these councillors is to lay down the policy framework within which the city operates. Among their responsibilities (called ‘reserved functions’) are to:

  • Make, amend and revoke byelaws
  • Adopt the annual ‘Estimate of Expenses’
  • Make or vary of the City Development Plan
  • Approve borrowings

Discover the political parties that have representatives on Dublin City Council and the Councillors that represent your area.

Records from 2017 Onwards

(Click here for pre 2017 declarations)
Declaration of Ethics

Each Member of the City Council must make an Ethics Declaration of property and interests each year. Hereunder are scanned copies of these declarations for each year.

Declaration of Donations Received

Obligations on Third Parties under the provisions of the Local Elections (Disclosure of Donations and Expenditure) Act 1999 as amended.

“Third Party” is defined in the legislation as “any person, other than a political party registered in the Register of Political Parties under Part III of the Electoral Act 1992 as amended or a candidate at an election, who accepts, in a particular year, a donation the value of which exceeds €100).

Individuals or organisations within the administrative area of Dublin City Council who consider that the above provisions apply to them must make a return to the undersigned before 31st March 2020.

For further details, contact the undersigned :

Each Member of the City Council must complete a Donation Statement each year setting out donations received over the limit specified in The Regulations during the previous year. Hereunder are scanned copies of these returns for each year.

Councillors Expenses Paid

Members of the City Council receive a Representational Payment and also are paid monthly expenses in relation to meetings attendance, mobile phone usage and broadband.  These payments are set out hereunder on an annual basis up.

Councillors Conferences and Travel

Members of the City Council also are paid expenses in relation to attendance at conferences. These payments are set out hereunder on a quarterly basis

Councillor Foreign Travel

Outside Boards/Bodies