Your Council

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Come to a meeting of Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council holds a variety of public meetings in its role as a forum for city representatives. These meetings are convened in City Hall or other locations around the city. You may attend any of these meetings by contacting your local councillor or view City Council, Area and Strategic Policy Committee meetings on the internet (webcast).

Meet the Chief Executive

Owen P Keegan was appointed Chief Executive in September 2013.

Senior Management Group

See who makes up the senior management group

Contact your local city councillors

Use our list of Councillors' contact details to find the elected representatives for your area. You can also see what political parties have members on Dublin City Council.

Council Departments

View a list of Council departments and what they do.

Local Area Services

Dublin City is divided into 5 administrative areas. These are called Local Areas and are used to co-ordinate the delivery of services into your community.