Your information is collected to process monies due to Dublin City Council in respect of rates. 

The legal basis is provided for under the Poor Relief (Ireland) Act 1838 – Local Government Reform Act 2014. 

The information may be shared with:

Valuation Office – to facilitate the valuation of your rating

Business Improvement District (BID) – where the rating is within the BID parameter for the city

Relevant Bank – to facilitate a direct debit payment 

Printing Company – to facilitate the printing of rate bills

Solicitors – legal requests re sale/ debt recovery etc.

Trusted third parties who perform services for us, including receivers, liquidators etc.

Statutory, regulatory and law enforcement authorities, as required by law

Your information is retained for 7 years after you cease to be an occupier liable to pay rates unless there is ongoing debt collection proceedings in which case your information will be kept until the monies owing are paid.