10.3 Challenges

The main challenges for protecting, developing and managing the city’s green infrastructure are:

1. Addressing deficits of green space in some neighbourhoods due to the historic development of the city and retrofitting green infrastructure into existing built-up areas.

2. Protecting the existing green infrastructure network from fragmentation and loss due to pressures of urban development within and adjoining the network.

3. Recognising and promoting the value of ecosystem services that the green infrastructure network provides to the city.

4. Adapting to the uncertainties of the impacts of climate change presently and into the future on the city’s landscape, including its wildlife and its people.

5. Increasing awareness of biodiversity through enhanced interpretation on-site and through visitor facilities.

6. Improving the mental and physical health of Dublin’s citizens through the provision, maintenance and promotion of sporting, play and recreation facilities at neighbourhood level.

7. Locating and developing access to lands presently not being used to facilitate community and allotment gardening in the city.