2.3.3 Promoting Quality Homes

Consistent with creating a compact city and with Dublin’s role in the region, the continued, sustainable management of land zoned for housing is a central element of the core strategy. This will be done in a way that reduces urban sprawl and provides for a quality compact city of mixed-tenure neighbourhoods, catering for a wide range of family types, including the elderly. It is part of the core strategy to manage the 440 hectares of zoned and serviced residential lands as a scarce resource and in a sustainable manner so that the housing needs of the city are met.

The provision of quality housing that is suitable for citizens throughout their lives and adaptable to people’s changing circumstances is fundamental to creating a compact city with sustainable neighbourhoods. Requiring apartment schemes to have good local facilities, and that large schemes are phased to ensure support infrastructure is provided in tandem with residential development, will assist in achieving this key strategy.

An emphasis on effective property management for both apartment and housing complexes will also improve the quality of residential development. Expediting the regeneration of those disadvantaged areas which remain in the city as sustainable neighbourhoods is also central to this approach. Providing quality homes for all citizens includes the provision of social housing. The delivery of the housing strategy contained within this development plan (Appendix 2) will help meet the needs of those on lower incomes and those in special circumstances across the city.