1.5 Methodology

A number of actions form the methodology for this strategy as follows:

The initial step in the development of the strategy was to take cognizance of the context in which it will operate. To do this the historical development of the city landscape was reviewed to look at what has influenced our present day parks, as what we have today is a product of our past. The contemporary policy context which is defined by international, European and domestic policy is also reviewed with emphasis on the key policy and guidance affecting the development, conservation and management of our park and landscape resources.

As part of the consultation process on the strategy, an online public questionnaire was used to gauge the public’s interaction and views on Dublin’s parks. Parks are provided for the enjoyment of the public so their experience of them together with our experience in their provision and management assist to frame relevant policy. The consultation process concluded with a public online consultation on the draft strategy document, which informed the final published strategy.

Parks form the key component of the strategy. A hierarchy/typology of parks was determined based on defined characteristics of parks. Data collection and analysis deploying GIS was used to further look at their distribution and accessibility and quantity, which allowed the determination of deficit areas and policy on levels of provision.

GIS analysis was also deployed to review provision and access to recreational facilities provided within parks. Deficits in provision of facilities were determined and potential solutions outlined for future action.

Biodiversity, public realm and arboriculture (city trees) are resources with existing strategies and this document provides an overview and outlines their key policies.

Other services and resources, including civic decoration, allotments, planning and development management, cemeteries, public housing landscapes and art are reviewed. This review is based on the many years of experience in their provision by Parks Services and provision in collaboration with other sections of the Council.

A broader conceptual understanding of the city landscape is presented in the City Landscape Plan. It takes an unrestricted look at the city and is intended as a precursor to the future development of more detailed landscape plans for the city