Planning Application Online Search

Planning Application Search Criteria

You can search online for planning applications and decisions by using any of the following criteria: Planning Reference Number, Location, Proposal Description, Name and Date

Searching help

Using a planning reference

Enter all or part of a planning reference. When entering part of a reference use an asterisk* to replace the unknown section. For example, to search for a code starting 02 enter 02* in the 'Planning Reference' field.

Using a Location reference

Search using one word or a combination words from the location.  Avoid using apostrophes or comma’s as results will not be returned.

Using a name

To search for applications under the surname 'Regan', for instance, enter *Regan (asterisk followed by the surname) in the name field.

Using a proposal description

Enter any word, for example 'Oak', into the 'Location/Proposal Search field, to search for applications where that text appears in either the 'Address' or 'Long Proposal Description'.

Using a date range

To search for applications within a specified date range enter the appropriate dates in the 'From' and 'To' fields. To search for all applications regardless of date leave the date fields blank.

Creating your own weekly list

Select the area for which you want to generate the weekly list of planning applications. Then insert the start and end date in the registration fields to list applications received during a particular week. To generate a list of planning application decisions, simply insert the date range in the decisions fields. You do not have to confine your list to any particular week as the system will generate a list for any timeframe you request.

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