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Dublin City Council is committed to using design to improve the attractiveness, liveability and sustainability of our built environment in its roles as a manager of public spaces and buildings, as planning authority and through its own construction projects.

Dublin City Architects is responsible for promoting design and providing architectural, urban and conservation design services to Dublin City Council. In doing this, we aim to:

  • Aim for Dublin’s citizens to enjoy the highest quality built environment; one that is clear, generous, appropriately-scaled, positive to context, well-made and which promotes access and inclusion.

  • Work to achieve excellence in the ordinary.

  • Consider places before buildings so that new developments contribute positively to public spaces.

  • Learn from the past in creating architecture that matches the quality and longevity of earlier periods.

  • Facilitate architecture that is contemporary, performing to the highest environmental standards, concerned with climate change and culturally cosmopolitan.

The office designs and commissions a wide range of construction projects and we aim to achieve the highest standards for the people who use the Council’s buildings. The quality of the work produced can be seen in the range of awards which many of these schemes have received.

The work of City Architect’s Division is focused on the following key areas:

Building Design

City Architects Division operates as a design practice within the City Council, providing a full architectural service directly to other Council departments.

Architectural Conservation

Accredited as an RIAI Grade 1 conservation practice, City Architects Division helps future development take place in harmony with the ongoing life of its historic districts, spaces and structures.

Urban Design

City Architect’s Division is the principal adviser on urban design within Dublin City Council,

Other Design

City Architects Division plays an active role in promoting design in Dublin’s development and as a tool for improving the quality of public services, buildings and places.

Dangerous Buildings

If you are concerned that a structure is or is likely to become dangerous then contact the Dangerous Buildings Section. {link to Dangerous Buildings page}

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Design awards won by City Architects