Choice Based Lettings

The following properties will be allocated using the Choice Based Letting Scheme

Darndale, Dublin 17

Bernard Curtis House, Bluebell, Dublin 12


What is Choice Based Lettings?

Choice Based Lettings is one method of housing allocation that we use.

At present, when vacancies arise the allocations process can sometimes be very lengthy. Under this scheme vacancies that come about are advertised in the media and people can register their interest in them. It is hoped that this will lead to a quicker turn around in vacant properties.

There will be a closing date before which applicants must register their interest.

If a number of applicants express an interest in a property the final offer will be made to the applicant with the highest list position for that particular type of property (longest on list, highest points and most suitable family size).

All offers of accommodation will be subject to the usual estate management checks.

Contact your local area office for more information on this scheme