Strategic Plan for Housing People with a Disability

Launched by Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council is committed to putting people with disabilities at the centre of its housing policy.  The City Council, the HSE, disability-specific housing associations and disability service providers have developed the plan with each group contributing to a specific role in the process.

The strategy is part of a wider national agenda designed to enable those with disabilities to take part in mainstream society. 

The Strategic Plan identifies the pathways the Council will follow to house people with disabilities. It pulls together available data and highlights the gaps in our knowledge.  Currently the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) is developing a reporting function to compile this data for the region. The plan also describes the personal supports required for the disabled person to live independently.  Some relate to medical needs, but most are social support requirements.

The routes to affordable and suitable homes for people with disabilities includes renting a home from the Council (social housing tenancy) , subsidised rental housing in the private sector and adapting the owners home to meet their needs ( Housing Adaption Grants).  The Plan recommends that more attention be paid to design issues to take account of the specific needs of those with disabilities when houses are being built or renovated.  It also recommends involving the prospective tenant in the design process where possible.

Putting the Strategic Plan for Housing People with a Disability into operation involves a number of actions.  Each one with a timeline, lead agency and partner organisation.  Overall the strategy highlights how a well-resourced, integrated and inter-agency approach is essential to achieving this.

The Strategic Plan for Housing People with a Disability