DFB External Training

Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) External Training, provides fire, health and safety training to individuals, companies and public sector organisations.

This training can be customised to meet individual client requirements and can be carried out either on-site at at the Fire Brigade Training Centre on the Malahide Road, or off-site, depending on numbers and type of training involved.

DFB External Training courses are of the highest quality and adhere to best practice. All instructors providing training are qualified fire personnel. They have unrivalled expertise dealing with critical situations in their daily work.

DFB External Training is accredited by the following:

  1. Health and Safety Authority
  2. Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council
  3. Institute of Fire Engineers
  4. Irish Sailing Association
  5. Rescue 3 International
  6. Irish Heart Foundation
  7. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  8. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

To get more information on our training courses, T. (01) 222 4199 or email [email protected]

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