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Building regulations

Building Control aims to encourage and support building owners, designers and builders in delivering compliant, sustainable, high quality buildings.

Building regulations are made to secure the safety, health and welfare of people in or about buildings, to conserve fuel and energy, to provide for access to buildings, to encourage good building practice and for other matters.

The responsibility for compliance with building regulations rests with designers, builders and owners of buildings. Building control officers promote a culture of compliance by regular inspection and monitoring of developments. Enforcement action may be taken for breaches of the requirements of the Building Control Acts or associated regulations.

Building Control records and notifications are submitted and managed through a national online system called Building Control Management System (BCMS).

Subject to limited exemptions, a commencement notice must be submitted in advance of the construction of a new building, the extension of a building or the alteration of a building. The commencement notice may be submitted using the BCMS. Each party (owner, designer, builder and assigned certifier) to the project must first register with the BCMS. A building or works may also require a fire safety certificate, a disability access certificate and a certificate of compliance on completion.

There are four types of commencement notices currently available:

Commencement notice without compliance documentation

a. This is the simplest type of notice and is required for material alterations in a shop, office or industrial building where a fire safety certificate is not required.

b. It may also be used for extensions to dwelling houses which measure 40 sq m or less but which requires planning permission.

Commencement notice with compliance documentation

a. The owner must appoint a builder and registered professional(s) as designer and/or assigned certifier.

b. An inspection plan and a number of construction drawings necessary to outline compliance with the technical requirements of the building regulations are also required.

c. If required, a fire safety certificate must be already GRANTED before this notice is submitted.

Commencement with opt out declaration

a. For the construction of a single domestic dwelling on a development site, or

b. The extension of a domestic dwelling of MORE than 40 sq m, where the owner is choosing to opt out of the requirement for statutory certification.

Seven day notice

a. This notice is similar to that described above and allows works to commence before a final fire safety certificate is granted.

b. This notice is only acceptable if it is accompanied by a VALID fire safety certificate application.

**It is extremely important to submit the correct form of notice and the responsibility to do so rests with the building owner or person commissioning the works.

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions is provided on the BCMS website 


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