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Planning permission for public art

Street art, including the painting of a gable wall or front facade of a building or structure, on private structures/lands and which results in a material change to the character of that building/structure (regardless of quality or content) requires planning permission. It should also be noted that in some cases, murals are often presented as public art but actually contain promotional or advertising material, albeit of a more subtle nature.

The planning authority appreciates that preparing and submitting a planning application can be an onerous and time consuming process. It also acknowledges the value and role of public art in the city, whether from a visual, cultural, social or environmental perspective. We are expressing a commitment to working hand in hand with artists on an individual basis or collectively to make the planning application process as simple and streamlined as possible.

Fore more information, visit the 'Applying for Planning Permission' page. If you need to clarify anything before you apply, please T. (01) 222 2222.

The City Arts Advisory Group

Proposals for large scale street art works may, due to scale, location, or context, be referred to the Arts and Cultural Advisory Group for consideration within the framework of public art policy. The Arts and Cultural Advisory Group is a committee made up of City Councillors, internal and external experts. The group oversee the policy and implementation of the public art programme. They take a strategic view of the delivery of public art programmes within the city, including Per Cent for Art Scheme commissions, donations, commemorative works and monuments.

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Street art in partnership

The City Council is supportive of street art as an art form and acknowledges its contribution to the city. In assessing and considering any proposal for street art the City Council is obliged to work within the provisions of the current planning legislation i.e. the planning acts. There is no provision for a licensing system for public street art in the planning acts.

In certain instances and in accordance with the legislation, public street art may be exempted from the requirement to secure planning permission if it is carried out on behalf of, or jointly or in partnership with the City Council (as per 4 (1) (F) of the Planning and Development Act). In such cases, the street art will be approved by the subject of a written agreement or contract.

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