Planning Application Complaints

Complain about an unauthorised development. You can make a complaint against any unauthorised development in Dublin city.

This includes:

  • A new building or other property, e.g. factory, house, garage, playground, etc
  • A change to an existing building or property, e.g. an extension which is larger than the permitted size under the planning exemptions
  • The way in which a property is being used, e.g. a house being used as a workshop

Before you make a complaint

Please note some developments do not need planning permission – some information on exemptions is here

Also, Planning Enforcement will not investigate issues which lie outside its scope, including civil matters, issues that are not subject to planning and development legislation and which are the responsibility of other sections within the Council or of outside agencies. Matters that are NOT investigated by the Planning Enforcement Section include:

Civil matters

  • Encroachment and boundary disputes between neighbours
  • Private rights of way
  • Trespass
  • Noise nuisance (unless the noise breaches a condition attached to a planning permission)
  • Structural damage to private property resulting from construction works
  • Matters related to ‘private drains’ see here for drainage information
  • Outlets associated with boilers and other gas appliances (unless same has a material visual impact from a public area)

Matters addressed by other sections within the Council or other agencies

How to make a complaint

Step 1: Check to make sure that the development has been built without planning permission

Search our online Planning Database or or check the Planning Register to check out if the development has planning permission or not.

To check the register, visit our offices at the address below.

  • Sometimes, even if a development has been granted planning permission, it can be in breach of the planning laws if the development was not completed in accordance with the conditions that were included in the grant of permission.

Step 2: Check the time limit during which complaints can be made

The Council can only take action against a development within 7 years of the date that the unauthorised development or property use began.

Step 3: Send your complaint to us

Please submit your complaint in writing or fill out the complaint form. You can deliver your complaint in person, by email, by fax or by post.

Send your letter to the address below.

Please make sure to include the following information (the easiest way to make sure you do is to complete the complaint form online):

  • Your name (this will remain confidential)
  • Your address and phone number
  • The address of the development
  • Any details you have concerning the owner or occupier of the property
  • The date the development began
  • Photographs (if any)

Please note that we cannot initiate an investigation unless we have your full name and address.

Download the Complaint Form

Step 4: We will investigate your complaint

Your complaint will be acknowledged in a letter which will contain the name and contact details of the case officer who has been assigned to investigate your complaint.

You will be informed of the outcome of the Council’s investigation into your complaint. On occasion, your evidence in court will be required to ensure a successful outcome to enforcement action. In such circumstances, you will be asked in advance if you are willing to give evidence. You may be asked to keep a log of dates or times when unauthorised activity occurs.

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