Report Faulty Traffic Signals

To report a fault with a traffic signal e.g. all lights are off, a bulb is not working, pedestrian lights are not operating or there is faulty audio - please contact our 24 hour traffic control centre on this freephone number 1800 29 39 49 (Note: charges apply from mobile phones).

Please contact our 24-hour traffic control centre to report a fault with a traffic signal. Examples of a fault are: 

  • all lights are off 
  • a bulb is not working 
  • pedestrian lights are not operating 
  • there is faulty audio

Please complete a transport service-related request if you have a query about: 

  • the operation of traffic signals at a junction 
  • a request for new traffic signals 
  • any comments on the way the signals currently operate 

Transport Service Request Form

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Traffic Control Centre

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