Noisy Neighbour Complaint

Domestic and neighbour noise nuisance

Making a Noise Pollution Complaint

To make a noise complaint against a Dublin City Council tenant, you can contact our Customer Services Department.

Private Occupiers

You cannot make noise complaints against private occupiers to Dublin City Council. However, if you have a noise issue with your neighbour, two options are available to resolve the issue.


This service is available free of charge and seeks to bring the two parties together to resolve the conflict away from court. For further information, contact:

  • South Dublin Mediation Services at T: 01 4515910,
  • Mediation Northside at T: 01 8482988 ( or
  • Mediation Ballymun at T: 01 8625805 (

Court Action (Section 108)

You can apply to the District Court for a Court Order under Section 108 of the Environmental Protection Act, 1992.

If you take either of these actions, please note the following:

  • You will be required to explain what the noise nuisance is.
  • Keep copies of any supporting material, e.g. letters you sent to address the issue previously.
  • Consider what you would like the outcome of the process to be. In some cases, it may not be possible to get the full outcome you wish.

Private Rented Dwellings

If you are having an issue with noise from a private rented dwelling, you can:

  • Contact the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), who will engage with the Landlord to enforce the tenant's obligations not to engage in an anti-social way. Please note that the property in question must be on the RTB register to pursue this course of action.
  • Engage in mediation, as detailed above.

Take a private action under Section 108 of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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