3.5.3 Climate Change and Flood Risk

The eastern catchment flood risk assessment and management (CFRAM) study aims to meet the requirements of the floods directive, and flood risk/hazard maps are being drawn up with a view to producing comprehensive flood risk management plans (FRAMS). Chapter 9 contains further details. In relation to specific projects, Appendix 11 lists a range of flood defence infrastructure required to protect the more vulnerable parts of the city.

Various projects are currently underway to address areas of the city known to be vulnerable to coastal flooding during extreme events, and therefore requiring new protective works. These include: south campshires flood protection project, Sandymount promenade and flood protection project, and Clontarf promenade development and flood defence project. As part of the proposed Sutton to Sandycove promenade and cycleway project, the planned section adjacent to Bull Island has commenced and this incorporates flood protection works.

The Council carries out flood risk assessments of new plans in accordance with statutory flood risk management guidelines (2009) in order to determine the likelihood of flooding in areas being considered for development or regeneration.