4.1.3 Community Parks

The majority of parks within the administrative area are Community Grade1 (approx. 279 hectares) or Grade 2 (approx. 438 hectares) parks.

The Community Parks are defined into two grades as follows:

Community Grade 1

Serve local communities, have a good range of amenities and have a high standard of design or horticultural presentation.

Community Grade 2

Serve local communities and have a range of amenities or are primarily used for active recreation.

The key purpose and functions of a Community Park are:

  • Serves local communities and acts as a focal point
  • Provides natural environment connections, specialised functions and features
  • Can connect to other city parks through natural features and trails
  • Provides active and passive recreation Characteristics:
  • Can range in size and shape
  • Can contain natural heritage or cultural features
  • Have a good range of amenities
  • High standard design or horticultural presentation
  • Within walking distance of communities
  • Adequate provision of parking

The following examples of Community Parks demonstrate the difference between a Grade 1 and Grade 2 park.

Kylemore Park (Community Grade 1 Park)

This community park of .5ha located in Ballyfermot, was refurbished in 2008 – 2009 with funding of approximately €1 million and strong involvement from the local community during the design consultation process. The park provides a balance between active and passive recreation areas so that there is something for all. As part of the park design, high quality

materials were used including natural stone and sculptural corten steel lamp standards. The active recreational facilities provided include all-weather basketball, a football pitch and children’s play areas. The park refurbishment also received a commendation from the Irish Landscape Institute Awards in the 2009 annual awards.

Brickfield Park (Community Grade 2 Park)

As its name suggests, this park was previously used as a brick works. As urban development expanded in the 1940s, the land was constrained by the previous excavations and today uneven surfaces caused by settlement are visible within the park. This is a highly active park of 11ha in size and is dominated by playing pitches and other facilities including changing rooms and a playground. One of the key issues associated with similar parks is the dominance of playing pitches, which are used for only a specific period during games for only one section of the community. A more balanced provision of active and passive areas within parks catering for all age groups and abilities within communities is more desirable.


  • To prepare management plans for all designated Community Grade 1 parks
Community Grade 1 (Yellow) and Grade 2 (brown) parks distribution